Tree Stump Grinding FAQ

To remove a tree, first cut the tree down to the stump. Then, if you choose to cut the stump out rather than leave it behind, the stump removal can begin. However, if you have questions about the stump removal process. Read on for answers to your biggest questions.

What Is a Stump Grinder and What Does It Do?

Stump grinders are large machines that can look like lawnmowers. After a tree is cut down, a stump grinder can be rolled to the stump to grind it up. There is a rotating blade inside the grinder. This rotating blade cuts up the stump.

Can Roots on the Surface be Removed Too?

Yes, surface roots can be removed with a stump grinder. Removing surface roots is a good idea because leftover roots can be dangerous. Also, surface roots help the tree grow back.

What Happens to the Leftover Wood?

There are many wood chips left over after you grind up a stump with a stump grinder. In truth, there are way more wood chips left behind than you may think. Wood chips make great mulch for your yard. A stump grinder will leave a hole behind, too. You can fill the hole with the wood chips or other hauled-in dirt.

Are Stump Removers and Stump Grinders the Same Thing?

Stump removers and stump grinders are not the same. A stump remover pulls out the whole stump and roots. Instead, a stump grinder grinds the wood of the stump.

Can You Stump Grind on Your Own?

Stump grinders can be dangerous. Therefore, a stump grinder is operated by a tree-care professional. The professional operator has the knowledge and skill to use the stump grinder carefully. Operators wear protective gear that keeps them safe.

Do I Have to Remove the Stump?

You do not have to remove the stump, however, it can be an eyesore. The leftover tree stump will stand out. And you can’t do much with it in that state. If you grind the stump out, you will be left with more space to work with. However, roots can cause damage to foundations, sewer/septic lines, and sidewalks or pavement.
In addition, termites and other creatures love rotting wood. If you leave a stump behind, it will be difficult to remove the pests that settle in. Stumps that are left behind can be dangerous too. For example, it is easy to trip over the stump or roots.
The stump grinder fully grinds the stump away. Thus, you do not have to worry about the tree sprouting again. When you leave a stump, it can re-sprout. Then, you will have to prune it. Grinding the stump away prevents this.

How Big is the Hole After Stump Grinding?

We dig down at least one foot to get the stump out all the way. Thus, the size of the hole is up to the size of the stump. However, we will not leave a hole behind after removing the stump. We can fill the hole for you so you are not left with an eyesore. We fill the hole with the leftover wood from the stump and dirt.

Can I Cover the Space Where the Stump Was Ground Away?

Trees and their stumps are made of organic material. This means that they will rot. If all of the stump material is not removed, the construction base can be unstable. All the stump material and roots must be fully removed and then filled in with dirt. After that, pack the soil down. Then, the base material will be stable enough to build on.

Can Stumps Always Be Ground Out?

There are situations where the stump cannot be removed. If the tree is easy to get to, the stump can probably be ground out. If access to the tree is blocked, it will be difficult to grind. Other examples of stumps that are difficult to grind include:
• Trees that are planted in concrete spaces – It is hard to grind stumps surrounded by concrete. They are difficult to reach.
• Hard-to-reach trees – Trees in difficult locations are hard to reach and grind out.
• Trees that are close to other trees – If a tree is close to other trees, it will be hard to grind out. You can damage other trees that are too close.
• Trees that are close to buildings – If a tree is too close to a building, the foundation can be damaged.

How Long Does It Take to Grind a Stump?

If a stump is small, grinding takes 15 to 30 minutes. If the stump is larger, it takes more time. The largest stumps take hours to grind and remove. With the right equipment, it does not take long to complete a job.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Stump?

Each job is unique. Therefore, each job needs a quote. Cost depends on the age, location, and size of the stump that needs removal. We are happy to look at any stumps to determine the cost of the labor.

Who Removes Stumps from My Yard?

Because stump grinding can be dangerous and expensive if you try it on your own, trusting the professionals is the best option. Specialists, like tree service technicians, remove stumps quickly and safely. We restore your yard to its former glory. Modern stump removers and grinders are powerful machines. Trained professionals should operate them to ensure safety.

Why Should I Hire a Professional?

Hiring a professional to remove your stump is the best option for your yard. A specialist will remove the stump safely. And, they know what equipment and methods are best for the job.

Knowledge. Trained professionals have the most knowledge to get the job done.
Experience. A tree removal specialist has the expertise necessary to remove your stump safely and quickly.
Equipment. If you try to remove the stump on your own, you won’t have all the tools you need. A professional company like Top Stump has all the equipment necessary to do the work.
Safety. Knowledge, experience, and safety all go together. Therefore, professionals are the best people to complete a job safely.

Stump removal is difficult without the right tools. Don’t damage property or injure yourself. Trust the experts to take care of your stump issues. A professional is safer and more affordable than any DIY process. Your yard will thank you.